Robert Ferguson, Author

As I begin this introduction, I ask “what is the greatest adventure you have ever experienced or imagined”; was it reading a book, or actual experience? if so, or if not, I assure you one is about to begin. Meet Bobby McAllister and his cast of characters… and you will only begin to understand my first question.

I take special moments and great pleasure in introducing to you the writings about “him”, by him. Bobby McAllister is Bobby Ferguson. I understand that publishing requests occur on a daily rate that potentially deters knowing the true soul of the writer, but for the adventure that lies ahead we leap. The possibility of failure is not an option.

These books touch all zones; the creativity is splendid by the nature of the author. Bobby Ferguson has written a series of four books over a period of eleven years. They consist of a blend of truth and fiction compared to no other author we have ever read, or loved more.

The first book, Fool’s Paradise, is based on a series of real treasure hunting excursions that begin off the coast of the Florida Keys, and the finding of 17th century sunken treasure in 1985. It culminates in the paradise of Venezuela where he locates his real Prize, the treasure every woman is to the right man.

Imagine the true story of locating a sunken Spanish galleon, The Nuestra Senora de Atocha, with the legendary Mel Fisher, and walking the ocean floor amid treasure over 350 years old, a bounty of gold, silver, emeralds and priceless artifacts. To be there would touch you where?

The novel is explosive in adventure that rocks the imagination, real fate that tears at your heart, and a sense of humor that could only come from a sweet Georgia boy; a gentleman pirate.

History cannot be rewritten, only better read. The mission is simple: Publish the books, make the films, and receive the rewards… and, the Awards. We bring to you the potential to go that far.

Respectfully, Pamela Cappello

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