McAllister and Lawton must contend with dealing with a group of master forgers, a black-marketer, imposters everywhere, agents of the KGB, an attractive and suspicious Intourist guide, secret meetings, assorted spies, traitors within their own ranks, electronic eavesdropping, and the ever present threat of physical danger, as they try to sort out their priorities while assimilating information that comes their way with incredible speed.

The McAllister contingent is forced to flee Saint Petersburg when a man meets with a violent death and one of their party is implicated in the cause. Two refugees join them in their flight back to America, both for reasons other than purported, and Lawton is seriously injured during the trip.

Recovering from the grievous harm he has suffered, Lawton believes he finally has all the answers to their questions except for the exact location of the treasure, a fact that McAllister is convinced he knows. They spend a couple of weeks testing McAllister’s theory when the two men discover that the troubles that spawned in Russia may not be over. As equally as startling is the fact that the treasure they have been seeking may have been under their noses from the very beginning of their quest.

On an island off the East Coast of the United States, the unlikely group of mixed nationalities has a revealing and violent confrontation with the same circle of undesirables that plagued them in Soviet Russia and Europe. Their decimated party is saved from total extermination by a dubious source and an amazing recovery is made.

The story is far from over as a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the survivors. One of the conspiracy masterminds may still be unidentified and Lawton begins an exhaustive paper search to help McAllister terminate the threats that very well might face them on two distinctive fronts.

A quick trip to Caracas, Venezuela all but neutralizes the danger from one of the areas of concern, so Lawton redoubles his efforts to eliminate the other. His research not only uncovers the figure who is partially responsible for the entanglements and perils he and his friends have suffered, but also reveals new information about the final days of Czar Nicholas II and his ill-fated family.

The claims of a traumatized young woman who once maintained that she was the Grand Duchess Anastasia and the only surviving member of the Romanov dynasty play an important role in Lawton’s inquiry and the true identity of a unexpected conspirator is revealed.

A final return trip to Europe exposes the complicity and the treachery of the scheme that has endangered the group from the beginning of their involvement and a final confrontation restores to McAllister property he had though lost forever. 

Throughout their exciting and often risky undertaking, McAllister and Lawton receive an education in art, history, and greed, the three principal pillars of their venture. Amid authentic locations and situations, the two men, often at odds with each other over both philosophy and method, once again combine to face peril and reward while wading through a period of history steeped in mystery, intrigue, and controversy.

Book three of the McAlister trilogy “Circle of Dreams”
is now here and available.

This brings us now to the greatest treasure hunt adventure of all times. When you have achieved all the riches life has to offer; more money than you can spend in 10 lifetimes; the most beautiful woman in any man’s heart…what is left to do in life that has purpose and meaning. In book three of the McAlister trilogy; the greatest mystery of all times is uncovered when you read “Circle of Dreams”. The incredible search for the most elusive sought after artifact of spiritual significance. Q. What happened to The Robe that was worn by Jesus at the time of his crucifixion? This mystery has haunted mankind for two thousand years. Circle of Dreams can open your minds and hearts when you read this incredible novel; a masterpiece of Literature. Written by our beloved friend and genius of literature; the man “who lived his dreams”.

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