Three Trees Publishing Inc.

In memory of the late Robert E. (Bobby)  Ferguson, the organization Three Trees Publishing Inc. was founded as testimony to his request and the most suitable name he selected to honor the principals who were most dear to him in his final days; who kept his dreams alive;  who promised to fulfill his wishes; and whom he knew that he could trust with his soul that this would be accomplished after he departed to seek adventures unknown to all of us; yet knowing that it is a journey we must all take someday. 

Therefore, we now face the challenges of our obligations, and fulfill the mission we so diligently planned, now that all the fibers of synergy are laced together to re-build the bond that was so untimely severed upon the departure of our most beloved friend and author, whose tireless years of energy and enthusiasm have created a marvel of literature that will be enjoyed by all human beings who love to dream and dream to love.   To the man who not only was the master dreamer from “boyhood to manhood”, and to the man who achieved the pinnacles of adventure during his lifetime; to the man “who lived his dreams” .

Our guiding spirit, our champion, our great benefactor, to the man who has charged us to make all these dreams become reality……posthumously….meet the one and only ……

Robert Edward Ferguson;   aka:  Bobby McAllister

Dedicated by…Joe Ganzenhuber

Let the Journey begin . . .

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