Three Trees Publishing Inc.

Three Trees Publishing Inc.

Chosen by Robert E. Ferguson in May 2004, Three Trees Publishing Inc. was to honor the two principals who worked tirelessly with him to fulfill his dreams of having his three completed manuscripts (appropriately named The McAllister Trilogy) become published and made into movies. This was the beginning of a long and exciting journey of hope, promises and dreams; short-lived upon the departure of our best friend and partner later that year as he surrendered his life, to seek new adventures unknown to us all; yet knowing it is a journey we must all take.


Book One - of the [McAllister Trilogy]

Book One - of the [McAllister Trilogy] Fool's Paradise
Its's the story of our hero's life; and his many years spent working with the legendary, renowned treasure seeker, Mel Fisher, the long search and ultimate discovery of the "Atocha" in 1985 off the Florida coast, with the recovery of over 400 million dollars of gold, silver, emeralds and precious gems, destined for the royal court of Spain in the year 1622, but a violent hurricane wrecked this treasure laden ship and for the next 350 years, the treasures of the Americas lay at the bottom of the ocean floor, scattered from the Marquesas Keys to the Dry Tortugas. The story does not end here, but continues undauntedly for the search of the greatest treasure to any man... the woman of every man's desire and dreams... the Prize.


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